Routine & Ambulatory EEG


EEG measures the brain electrical activity. Your brain waves and determine whether there are any clues for abnormal electrical activity in the brain. EEG aids in the diagnosis of epilepsy/seizures, fainting spells, blackout spells, confusion, amnesia/memory lapses or confusion. A routine EEG is done in the office and brain waves and recorded for 30 minutes. For an ambulatory EEG the patient is monitored for 48 or 72 hours depending on the clinical evaluation. The process involves placing small surface electrodes on the head/scalp. These electrodes will be connected to a recording device. For Ambulatory EEG you will carry home the portable recording device. The recording will continue as long as you have not dislodged the electrodes. When you return the technician will remove the electrodes and download the data collected for analysis. Dr. Samuel will review the result with you on your follow up visit.


  • Before coming to the Clinic, it is important to take a shower and shampoo, no conditioner. Have clean dry hair. Do not apply any lotion or cream or hair gels or other products
  • Remove all hair extensions, glue and clips.
  • Undo braided hair
  • Please remove wigs and hair pieces.
  • Do not take any naps prior to testing
  • On the day of the test, you must avoid all stimulants such as tobacco and caffeine, including soft drinks, coffee, tea, etc.
  •  If you are too drowsy to drive on the day of the test, please have a friend or family member drive.
  • For ambulatory EEG: Please handle the recording device carefully. Do not drop it or allow water to fall on it.
  • Record any unusual sensations or events that occur in the log form provided to you
  • Return to the Clinic at the scheduled time, so that the data can be downloaded for analysis
  • Please make an appointment to discuss the results with Dr. Samuel  as soon as possible.